2022 – week 5

This was taken during the Chinese New Year celebrations in Southend. It was my first attempt to shoot an event for ages, and the first time with my current camera.

Definitely learned some lessons. First of all, I needed a more versatile zoom than the 24-75mm equivalent I was using. There isn’t time to switch lenses, and I could’ve done with a bit more reach. Many of the photos needed a considerable crop. I also need more practice at shooting quickly, as the controls on the camera aren’t quite second nature to me yet.

I’m quite pleased with this one though – it was handheld, and the image stabilisation in camera has done a good job of keeping the background sharp while allowing me to use a shutter speed long enough to show motion in the dancer. The shutter speed was 1/20th of a second, so not too extreme, but I’ve never had the steadiest hand.