2022 – week 33

Some wildlife this week.

Quite challenging, as this was a crop from the original, which was shot at the equivalent of about 500mm on a micro four thirds camera with an ISO of 3200 to keep the shutter speed just about usable at 1/320s.

Given all of that, I’m reasonably happy to have got a fairly sharp shot. Wildlife really, really needs the longest and fastest lenses, but they are incredibly expensive and very heavy. This was taken with the relatively cheap Olympus 75-300ii.

Just for fun, here’s a 100% crop, if you click on the image, maximise the window and are on a high enough resolution screen:

At this size, you can see artefacts from using Topaz Denoise – there’s some significant softening where the blade of grass passes under the rat’s whiskers. Still, if this was a critical shot it could be improved further with some careful masking of the noise reduction.