2022 – week 32

All the fun of the fair this week with some long exposures taken at the funfair in Chalkwell Park.

All of these were handheld, with exposures up to a second, which is testament to the stabilisation in modern cameras. I have a bit of a kit dilemma, in that I seem to have ended up running two camera systems. I have a micro four thirds camera with excellent in-body stabilisation, and an APS-C system with reasonable lens stabilisation but slower lenses and no in-body stabilisation. The APS-C system has more dynamic range and high ISO performance, but the faster lenses and better stabilisation of the micro four thirds system help to compensate.

Of course, the answer is get a full frame camera with in-body stabilisation, and get even better dynamic range and low light ability, but that’s both heavy and expensive. So, for now, I’m paralysed with indecision, but running two systems in parallel is a bit silly. Unfortunately, both are great in their own way, and I’m a sucker for new gear!