Viva Las Vegas!

The Excalibur Hotel, Last Vegas

5th July – Day in Las Vegas

We had the whole day to spend in Vegas, so we were able to make a slow start.

Spencer turned down breakfast in favour of a lay in to nurse his hangover, so I went out to a nearby cafe and left him to it. Once he’d recovered, we headed downtown on a bus to the Fremont Street area for lunch. Fremont Street has since been redeveloped into a major tourist area, but at the time it was still rather seedy, with an abundance of strip clubs, cheap motels and low budget casinos.

We ended up walking most of the way back, which was good exercise in the worst of the afternoon heat but better than the bus which was crawling along in the heavy traffic on the strip. I didn’t take a single photograph all day, and, in fact, I can’t recall if I even took my camera. It’s a shame, because Las Vegas is a great spot for street photography.

New York, New York, Las Vegas

After another buffet dinner, Spencer wanted to try out the roller coasters, so he went off to do that while I tried to get some night shots from the pedestrian walkways over the crossroads that linked the four big casinos. It was too dark when I started, and I should have tried at dusk to get some natural light in the scene. With slow film, and without a proper tripod, I had to resort to balancing the camera on walls and exposure was largely guesswork. Without the ability to immediately review the results, it’s amazing that I got anything at all, although the results weren’t great.

6th July – 164 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Lake Havasu, Arizona

The Hoover Dam

Leaving Vegas after breakfast near the hotel, we set off for a quick visit to the Hoover Dam. We chose not to take the tour, but just walked across the top to get the dizzying views looking over the edge.

From the top of the Hoover Dam

From there we headed south to Kingman, a stop on the old historic Route 66, where, appropriately enough, we had lunch in Mr D’z Route 66 Diner.

Our lunch stop in Kingman, Arizona

From Kingman we headed on to Lake Havasu City, known mainly for being the site of the old London Bridge, shipped out to the lake when it was replaced in 1968. It crosses a narrow channel in the lake to a small island, and looks rather incongruous in the middle of the desert.

London Bridge, Lake Havasu

After a stroll around the town, we crossed the bridge and tried an English themed pub that was rather unconvincing. We moved on to a more traditional bar and restaurant, where we enjoyed an excellent locally brewed trippleberry wheat beer.

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