Then and now

How much has changed in the last twenty five years?

Just for fun I looked for the most recent shots I could find on Google Street View that matched photos that I’d taken on the trip. I tried to find the closest matches that I could, but Google takes images from a vehicle in the road, while I was shooting from the side of the road.

Sometimes tracking down the locations was quite difficult, sometimes it was fairly easy. Not much has changed in Maggie Valley, for example; the Fantasy Golf Course has had a lick of paint, but still looks the same, as does the main street. The Microtel was a bit harder to find. It changed to a Quality Inn at some time between 2016 and 2018, and the history feature of street view was invaluable in confirming that I had the right place.

In some cases I think I had the right location but just couldn’t be quite sure, so I left those ones out.

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