First post!

Welcome to my second corner of the internet…

Photography was my main hobby for years. I drifted out of it for a while, and the only camera I used was the one on my phone. My other interests, including home automation and all things tech related, took over.

I write a blog, Sean’s Technical Ramblings, where I talk about those things, and one post idea rekindled my interest in photography.

I decided to write a post comparing results from my phone to my ten year old DSLR. I wanted to see how close phones come to competing with “proper” cameras.

Even putting the quality difference to one side, I preferred using a real camera. I found I was more engaged in the process of taking photographs. That prompted both the purchase of a new camera and the creation of this website to showcase my images and write about photography.

I’ve chosen to let the photos in the gallery speak for themselves without any technical details. Some of the photos have been scanned from slides, most were taken on a variety of digital cameras, and yes, some were taken on a phone. It doesn’t matter, it’s the end result that counts.

There are a lot of photos on this site, and it most certainly isn’t a portfolio. I would have been far more selective if that was the goal. Photography is a hobby for me, not a profession, but photos are taken to be seen so I wanted somewhere to showcase them.

Some are just a record of a time or place, taken in the only light available. Being in the right place at the right time, and in particular the right light, is fundamental to good photography, and sometimes I achieved one but not the other. Sometimes the weather wasn’t ideal, sometimes I was there in the harsh light of the middle of the day

In fact, going back over thirty years of my photos has given me an incentive to shoot more, to revisit some locations and do better, and to visit new places. There are some photos that I’m proud of here, but I’ve realised that I rarely gave enough attention to detail or took enough pictures, and sometimes the light was good but the composition I chose just wasn’t quite right.

Over time the galleries will evolve. I’ll replace images if I take better ones in the same location, and occasionally revisit my archives for images to add to the older galleries. There will also be a weekly blog post with at least one picture taken in the previous week, as well as (very) occasional posts about photography in general.