2024 – week 3

It’s a tough time of year for photography. The evenings aren’t light enough to get out, so most of my photography is done at the weekend. Since this year started on a Monday, that puts pressure on the weekend to get something worth posting for my weekly shot.

When I was starting the week on a Saturday, I always felt like I could get one “in the bank” and have something ready to post if I didn’t get another opportunity. Even though it’s still the same seven day week, ending on a Sunday feels psychologically different.

This week’s shot is just a quick grab shot taken in my garden on Thursday evening. I happened to notice that Jupiter, the little white dot in the bottom left of the picture, was very close to the moon. The shot was taken hand held, albeit braced against a wall, at 1/60s at a focal length equivalent of 375mm and then heavily cropped.