2022 – week 24

The moonrise was spectacular this week, occurring about 45 minutes after sunset and taking on the glow from the recently set sun.

My best shot came after it had risen a little, as it was very hazy near the horizon. Even at this height, the haze was enough to distort it, which is why it doesn’t appear to be a perfect circle.

Technically it could have been much better. It’s reasonably sharp, all things considered, with just a hint of motion from camera movement. The pier is acceptably sharp, but the moon itself may be slightly out of focus. I was using a focal length equivalent to 375mm, and with such a long lens the hyperfocal distance may have been beyond the pier. It’s more likely a little camera shake. I was using my lightweight tripod, and it wasn’t really up to the job with such a long lens in what were quite windy conditions.

It’s also possible that there’s some subject motion. That accounts for the blurred boat in the centre right of the picture, and the moon itself rises quite quickly. The half second exposure was enough for some blur. Normally the moon is much brighter than that, and it would have been difficult to get any foreground detail without the moon burning out, but the dimmer sunset light that it was reflecting allowed me to retain colour in the sky and water.

All in all, it was a reasonably successful attempt, but more than anything I’m pleased I made the effort to get out and take the shot.

If you’re particularly observant you may have noticed that last week’s post was week 22. I didn’t skip a week, but I did realise that I had two week 13s. Talk about bad luck. Rather than go back and rename every post from that point onwards, I decided to just skip week 23 in the numbering.